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How to Extend your Roofs Lifespan

September 23, 2019

How to Extend your Roofs Lifespan

Whether you’re a new homeowner or one who has lived in the same residence for years, there are several factors to take into consideration when determining how long your roof will last in Miami. Although no roof will last forever, a high-quality roof that is taken care of can provide great protection and performance for decades. Understanding which factors affect the longevity of a roof can help ensure that you make a wise decision for your Miami roof and home.

Here’s what you need to know about the different aspects that affect the lifespan of a roof:

1. Roof Maintenance
The single most important factor in ensuring the roofing system lasts its expected lifetime is by performing preventive roof maintenance. There are several roof maintenance procedures that should be performed at least twice a year, depending on the type of roof. The roof should be kept clear at all times, of trees and vegetation to avoid damage and clogged drainage.

2. Prompt Repair
In addition to providing your roof with the maintenance it needs, it’s also essential to repair roof leaks promptly. Roofing issues often start out small and can increase in severity over time. Consequently, the longer you wait to perform the required repairs the damages can increase in severity. It is more affordable and less tasking to take care of smaller repairs than dealing with larger scale repairs.

3. Climate And Environmental Factors
South Florida weather presents special challenges to roofs as a high proportion of sunny days that expose the roof to high heat and ultraviolet rays year-long. Within a matter of hours, you can experience sunny, rainy and windy weather. Such drastic temperature changes, in a short period of time, can lead to thermal shock. South Florida is known for tropical storms and hurricanes, which are an additional factor that may subject the roof to extremely high winds and potentially causing damage to the structure. Coastal locations, particularly, expose roofs to salt spray, which can gradually degrade the roofing material.

4. Proper Installation
Proper installation makes a significant difference in how long a roof lasts in Miami. A roof that was improperly installed will not only have a shorter lifespan, but it will also be more susceptible to problems throughout its lifetime. In order to ensure proper installation, it is important to hire a well-established and certified roofer. An experienced roofer uses the best and latest installation techniques that have been recommended by the roofing material manufacturer. They will also ensure that you are using adequate materials for your roof-type such as quality underlayment, quality accessories and components, and they will also verify that your roof is properly ventilated.

5. Walking on Roof, Hanging Christmas Lights, And Other Rooftop Activity
You run the risk of damaging your roof by walking on your roof to hang Christmas lights or clean up. The added weight and pressure on your roof can cause roofing materials, such as shingles, to crack or strip away from the surface. You are also putting yourself at risk of a serious injury, if the granules are loose or the roof is wet.

6. Fumigation
Fumigation is crucial to maintaining a healthy roof, and home altogether. Termites are referred to as the “silent destroyers” because they can eat their way through a home, while living completely out of sight. Typically, humidity and dampness in homes will cause homeowners to face issues with termite and pest infestations. That is why every Miami and Fort Lauderdale homeowner must know how to avoid termite damage. It is recommended to have a professional perform inspections regularly as well as follow it up with a remedial solution, if necessary.

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