Impact Windows & Doors

Hurricane Protection
Impact windows and doors are highly resistant to hurricane winds and are designed to resist impact from a 2’x4’ lumber projectile traveling 34 mph.

Insurance Rebates
According to My Safe Florida Home, impact-resistant windows and doors may save up to 35 percent on your homeowners insurance policy and “qualified homeowners may recoup up to $5,000 of the cost of making specific upgrades to their home.” Impact-resistant windows and doors are an eligible upgrade under the matching grant program.

Increased Security
Although impact windows and doors are highly resistant to projectiles, they are not indestructible. However, impact windows and doors serve as a deterrent when thieves scout their next break in.

Energy Conservation
30-40% of the cost of your bill can be due to the type of windows you have. Thermal windows are 2-3 times more energy-efficient than nonthermal and may reduce your bill by up to 25%

Noise Reduction
Homeowners that live near busy streets or airports may notice a considerable reduction in ambient noises with new impact windows and doors.

Home Value By increasing curb appeal and providing the benefits above, new impact windows and doors may increase your home value considerably more than the investment cost.

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