Roof Maintanence 101 Part 2

Published 02.24.2012

The following roof maintenance procedures should be performed twice a year depending on the type of roof. On all roof types, debris should be removed and all leaves from overhanging trees should be broom swept off of the roof. Especially in Miami Roofing and Fort Lauderdale roofing, debris can cause many problems due to clogged drainage areas. Drainage areas are valleys, gutters, flashing, and other roof areas. If debris and vegetation clog these critical roof areas, water may pond and damage the roofing membrane. This is especially the case in high rain areas such as roofing Miami and roofing Fort Lauderdale. On shingle roofs, overhanging tree limbs can create excessive shade causing the shingles to curl and buckle. Direct sun on shingle roofs is necessary since shingles are made of asphalt and when asphalt heats up, it molds to the shape of the underlying roof deck causing a secure seal. In addition, there is an asphalt strip underneath the shingles that melts and seals the shingles together with time. Excessive shade can prevent this adhesion from taking place causing the roof to be more susceptible to damage under high wind conditions in Miami roofing and Fort Lauderdale roofing. Pressure cleaning on tile roofs is commonly necessary for concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are very porous so mold and mildew can build up in these pores. Although some transparent sealers are available, they are typically not recommended by roofing companies in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Clay tiles on the other hand have fewer pores and do not require pressure cleaning as often concrete tiles. Flat roofs are best maintained by applying a roof coating over the roof surface. Different types of roof coatings are available but the most common in Miami and Fort Lauderdale are white solar reflective coatings that also qualify for an FPL “cool roof” incentive. Aluminum color roof coatings were commonly used in South Florida a decade ago but are no longer the optimum solution for flat roof maintenance. Metal roofs require the least maintenance of all available roofing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.