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Roof Services

T&S Roofing Systems sets the standard for best roofing practices in South Florida with the following workmanship techniques:

Proper Property Protection & Safety Practices

Expert Roofing Carpentry Work

Waterproofing Flashing Areas

Optimum Attic Ventilation

Insurance Cost Reduction Strategy

Final Sculpture & Finishes By Skilled Artisan

Workmanship Warranty From GAF Materials Corp

After years of training in workmanship techniques, modern roofing technology, and project administration, in 2011, T&S Roofing Systems received the Master Elite™ Roofing Contractor certification from GAF Materials Corp., North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. This prestigious designation allows T&S Roofing Systems to offer homeowners the Golden Pledge warranty, a guarantee that is backed by GAF Materials Corp for 15-20 years and covers workmanship, unlike any standard warranty offered by non-certified contractors. In addition to building department inspections, all roofs covered under this warranty undergoes a 40-point inspection by a GAF inspector, and the required materials and installation methods go well beyond code requirements. Only 14 roofing companies of over 2,000 companies in South Florida are certified Master Elite™ Roofing Contractors. December 11, 2011 Press Release - T&S Roofing Systems, a Miami Roofing Company, Receives Master Elite(TM) Certification from GAF Materials Corp.