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How to find the cause of a roof leak PART 2

July 21, 2010

How to find the cause of a roof leak PART 2

A guide for repairs of Miami roofing and Ft Lauderdale roofing.

Performing a water test is easy, however most people don’t know how to do it effectively. Start off by taking the hose on the roof. Then have someone turn the water on as you aim towards the general leak location. Do not turn the water on yourself and climb on the roof with a running hose. Climbing the ladder with a running hose can cause you to slip and really hurt yourself. Allow the water to flow over the leak area until the area is fully saturated. Then point the hose away from the leak area so you can check if water has entered the house. If water leaked into the house, then you’ve got a general idea where the water is coming from. Then choose a smaller area to continue to wet with the hose. Add water until the area is fully saturated then stop again, making sure to only wet the smaller area you have focused on. Then check again if water entered the house. If you did you’re getting closer and choose yet a smaller area to wet again. Continue this process until you think you’ve isolated the culprit. The “kill the culprit”. This is a popular roofing phrase which means point the hose at the area you have isolated and apply pressure. Make the tip of the hose touch the roof and blast the water at the area. This will cause a tremendous amount of water to enter the house. Although you will need to do some mopping inside, you now know exactly where the water is coming from and can take the necessary measures to fix the leak.

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