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How to find the cause of a roof leak PART 1

April 27, 2010

How to find the cause of a roof leak PART 1

A guide for repairs of Miami roofing and Ft Lauderdale roofing.

Finding the exact location of a roof leak can often be an arduous task, especially on tile roofs. The first thing one should do in order to effectively pin-point the problem area is to mark the probable location.  View outside a window and spot an object that falls in line with the  area where the ceiling shows sign of moisture. After choosing an outside object to guide you, with a tape measure, measure the distance from the wall to your leak spot. This should give you the location of the leak within a 5 foot radius.
When you get onto the roof, find your outside guide, measure the same distance from the edge of the roof and add two and a half feet to account for the overhang and slope. At this area, look for roof penetrations, valleys, flashing areas, or other questionable areas. Often times you’ll immediately know where the leak is coming from. Other times you may encounter several questionable areas within your target location. At this point, a water test is the best solution.

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