FPL “Cool-Roof” Incentive

Published 03.20.2012


Florida Power & Light is currently issuing cash incentives to homeowners and businesses that install a “cool roof” system on their roofing in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. Various roof types qualify for the incentive including tile, metal, shingle, and flat roofs. On their website, FPL has a list of approved “cool roof” products that may be used. The list can be found here: https://app.fpl.com/Approved_Products/getSearchFields.do?method=getSearchFields&progId=2003&label=Roof%20Replacement

Only products that are on the “FPL Approved Product List” qualify for the incentive program.  As per the FPL website, “the annual energy savings would be approximately $200 based on energy costs of 12cent/kilowatt hour”. In order to qualify for the incentive, the approved roof product must be installed by a certified FPL Participating Contractor and the roof must be registered in the FPL database prior to commencing the work. Current roof incentives are $325 for tile and metal roofs, and $.50/square foot for flat roofs. The most common flat roof products are white reflective roof coatings and granular surface cap sheets with a factory-applied white reflective coating. The most common of these cap sheets is GAF EnergyCap. When installing this roofing product, the asphalt bleeds on the overlaps of the felt must be painted with a white reflective roof coating, particularly GAF EnergyCoat, so that the final roofing will look completely white. Although the cost of the upgrade to GAF EnergyCap from the standard cap sheet is approximately the same dollar amount received for the incentive, the net gain to the homeowner is the yearly savings in energy costs. When replacing your roofing in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, consider going green with an energy efficient “cool-roof” and get paid by FPL while the program lasts.