Flat Roof – A Roofing Guide

Whether you are choosing a roof design for a new home, or replacing a current flat roof, we’ll help answer many of your flat roof-related questions.

2014 Hurricane Season Tips to Remember

  The 2014 Hurricane Season is here through November 30th and T&S Roofing Systems has South Florida’s tips to remember for the season: BEFORE a hurricane you should… • Build an emergency aid kit, and evacuation plans with your family. • Prepare 2-3 days of ready to eat meals. • Cover all your windows. Permanent … Continue Reading »

How much does a new roof cost in Miami?

  It is said that the most important part of your house is your roofing in Miami, and undoubtedly there is no greater investment towards your home than that of a new roof. There are many reasons as to why you may need a new roof. These may include: natural disasters that can cause severe … Continue Reading »

Flat Roofing In Miami Part 2

Thermal Plastic Olefin or TPO is slated to be the roof of the future, it is also referred to as a “Single Ply Membrane” as it is an entire roofing system in one ply. Depending on the deck type different preparation methods are used and different TPO variants are used. GAF makes three variations of … Continue Reading »

Flat Roofing In Miami Part 1

A Built Up Roof (cap sheet) is a tried and true system that has been used for many years in the roofing industry in Miami. It consists of several layers of felts and hot asphalt hence the name “Built Up Roof”. The base layer is a #75 felt which is rolled out over the deck … Continue Reading »