Hurricane Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Government forecasters have predicted a busy Atlantic hurricane season which is set to begin on June 1st and run through November 30th. It is important to understand that a hurricane or severe storm should not be treated lightly, as it can destroy your roof and other parts of your home. Fortunately, there is ample time … Continue Reading »

Wind Driven Rain

After a strong storm many people discover leaks that they were previously unaware of. Stains appear on ceilings and walls which darken as they dry. When diagnosing the area that is causing the leak it is important to consider all possibilities. This includes not only the roof, but also windows, chimneys, AC equipment and other … Continue Reading »

Rain Season is Here

Rain season is a catch 22 for roofing contractors. When it rains heavily, many homeowners notice new evidence of roof leaks from ceiling stains, swollen drywall, or even a sense of humidity in the house. Although roofing companies get drenched with new estimate requests, we get substantially delayed from the weather not allowing roof work … Continue Reading »

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane season is expected to be an active season this year with several named storms. Most homeowners are concerned about existing roof leaks heading into hurricane season but there is something more important to watch out for: loose objects on the roof. The biggest danger during a storm is projectiles caused by loose objects on … Continue Reading »